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See how happy you can be with ABSURDflow hardware?!

Andrew Kidd
*ABSURDflow Development Vehicle*

Stainless Low-mount Centered Manifold
Vband Turbine, Downpipe, and EWG

“Tim's manifolds are proper works of art. Every time the hood comes up at the track I get compliments and questions about the setup, even from other turbo owners. The v-bands are the end-all solution to turbo stud failures as well - I can flog the car for 20-30 minute sessions without any issues, which is something I can't say about my old cast manifold.”


Trey Rozelle

Stainless Low-mount Centered Manifold
Vband Turbine, Downpipe, and EWG

“I didn't go to Tim for a faster car, I went to him for turbo parts that could make it through a session at the track because no company could offer what I needed at a realistic price. I started with a cast manifold turbo kit from another company and after about 4-laps the problems with heat and connecting hardware began and never stopped. I've now up 12-hours of track time on the ABSURDflow kit and haven't needed to get the wrenches out and I drive the car very hard. The manifold and downpipe are "overbuilt" by almost everyone's standard, aside from anyone who tracks a turbo car. The parts arrived on schedule, which is a dramatic change of pace from Miata vendors, and remarkably...everything fit the first time, out of the box.

Although I went to Tim for reliability, I happened to pick up a significant performance increase. The car is very fast and makes target boost at 3200rpm, which is 800rpm lower than with the log manifold. There are two corners in particular where I'm short shifting into 4th at 3500-3700rpm and throttle steering with 200lb/ft at 11psi, under the prime of the gt2860rs. I have not put the car on a dyno at higher manifold pressures, but at 16psi it has serious traction issues in 4th-gear.

I'm considering building another racecar and will use the ABSURDflow parts again."


Nick Cahill

Stainless Low-mount Centered Manifold
Vband Turbine, Downpipe, and EWG




“I had gotten my 1990 mazda miata with the intention of having fun in it. I discovered track days, which created this desire to go faster. I soon put a turbo kit with all the proper go-fast bits on it only to find out that on track the studs holding the turbo and manifold together were to fail. They would fail about 5-10 min into each session and sometimes would even cause me to miss the next since i was always wrenching on my turbo hardware. I discovered Tim at AbsurdFlow fabrication, he was in the process of doing his standard AbsurdFlow design, but with integrated v-bands to prevent just the problem i was having. Upon arrival of the new manifold, turbo, and downpipe i wanted to hang it on my wall it was so beautiful. I can now go out on track for a solid 20 minutes without anything turbo related failing, its an amazing feeling to be passing Subaru STIs and other high dollar cars like they are parked just about anywhere on track with the new hardware."

Check out Nick's build thread here!
Norcal Roadsters


Ed O'Donnell

Fully Installed Turbo Kit Including:
Mild steel Low-mount A/C P/S Compatible
Manifold w/GT2560R, Full 3" Stainless
Turboback Exhaust, Stainless I/C Piping

“I learned from my WRX build to do research, research, research. Most importantly, ask a bunch of people about their experiences with upgrades or paths chosen. Then you need to weigh your options, figure your budget and timeline, and begin.

I asked around and checked the two most popular options for turboing the Miata: Flyin Miata and Bell Engineering (BEGI). When a knowledgeable moderator and a couple others suggested I look into Absurdflow (Tim Fodor), I contacted Tim. Tim asked me my goals, what I was looking for, and offered something beyond my expectations for the same amount as the other more popular options. I researched the other cars that received the Absurdflow treatment and found nothing but positive, gushing reviews. I decided to invest my money and trust Tim with my car.

Tim gave me regular updates and suggested that Shore Motorsports assist with the prep work that I'd want (since I was going to drive the car several hours to his location). Shore Motorsports did a fantastic job with the prep work. Tim was able to fabricate a setup that would allow me to keep my power steering, ABS, and A/C. It was a huge task since I also had a front swaybar brace near the radiator which threw a monkey wrench in the plans. When I took delivery, I was blown away by the design! Then there was the test drive. WOW! Thanks to Paul who did the initial tune, I drove home in a very, very quick beast. After several weeks of road tuning, the car went to a dyno day and it put down 275whp/244tq. It's been a reliable and fun car. Well-beyond my wildest expectations!

Thanks Tim and Absurdflow!"

-Ed O'Donnell
1997 Montego Blue Absurdflow Miata (GT2560R turbo)


Evan Koblentz

Mazdaspeed Miata,
3" Stainless Divorced Wastegate Downpipe
Complete 3" Stainless Exhaust



“After getting bored with my naturally aspirated Miata, I decided to go for the turbocharged Mazdaspeed edition. The extra power was fun but I got bored with that too. It was time to start the modifications, including a turboback exhaust system. I could follow the herd and buy an off-the-shelf kit, or hire Tim at ABSURDflow for a custom high-end system. I chose the second option and it's worked out great. The proof is in dyno charts and comments from other Miata owners. Against other Mazdaspeed Miatas with identical mods except for bolt-on exhausts, my car consistently makes 15 more rear-wheel horsepower and spools 500 rpm sooner. And the sound is ... let's put it this way ... my father is an "American Muscle" kind of guy, and he said, "If I heard that coming down the street, I wouldn't expect to see a little Miata!" On top of all this, Tim is an engineering genius, offers impeccable customer service, the price was very competitive, and you get his cost-free Darth Vader impressions. I highly recommend his services."


Artieparty Wozniczka

Mild Steel Low-mount Centered Manifold
Standard T2 Flanged, Internally Gated


“Dear Tim,

First off, I would like to really thank you for taking the time to make my turbo kit from scratch. The manifold is just a work of art and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I love showing it off and hearing people say how great it looks and how well the welds were made. The full 3 inch exhaust is wonderful too. It is one of the straightest downpipes that one could hope for in a Miata. The sound of it is just right, not too loud and not too soft. Thanks for putting in the Magnaflow muffler and the metalcore cat. With your expertise, I was able to run the car at 16 psi and achieve 275 rear wheel horse power with 263 ft/lbs of torque! I especially love that my GT2560 turbo can spool quickly and is at full 16 psi by 3200 rpm. Altogether, I was extremely happy with my purchase from you and would gladly purchase another turbo kit from you.

Thanks again,

Arthur Wozniczka"





  Last updated: 03/17/10