Miata 1.8l, Standard Location
Equal Length Ramhorn

This manifold places the turbo in the same location as the "standard" ABSURDflow manifold: centered & mounted low.

304SS or Mild Steel manifold, V-band flanges with EWG or T2/3/4 flanged. If EWG, wastegate dump tube blended into main downpipe & uses double-slip joints on EWG pipe.

This setup does not fit with A/C or P/S. For a manifold that does, CLICK HERE.

Lower radiator hose/heater core return line reroute solution required!

Manifold: $675 Mild Steel, V-band/EWG; $750 304 Stainless V-band/EWG
$615 Mild T2; $700 Stainless T2

Downpipe: Estimate $610 w/3" flex, blended dump, double slip on EWG pipe, open ended.

***Basic w/o V-bands; T2 flanged: Estimate $380 3" bellmouth, open ended.***

Email me for specific pricing options.
Pricing subject to change as product is developed.

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  Last updated: 4/22/11