Miata 1.8l, Centered Low Mount

The Original ABSURDflow!!
T2 flanged (T3 optional), internally wastegated, centered and mounted LOW for a very straight simple downpipe.

For a V-band/EWG track version of this manifold, CLICK HERE.
This setup does not fit with A/C or P/S. For a manifold that does, CLICK HERE.
Lower radiator hose/heater core return line reroute solution required!

T2 flanged manifold: $500 Mild/T2/IWG
$550 304SS/T2/IWG

Downpipe: $380 3" bellmouth, open ended.

Email me for specific pricing options.
Pricing subject to change as product is developed.

For Development Pictures, CLICK HERE.

large product photo
large product photo
large product photo
oops missing picture.

  Last updated: 3/23/11