Miata Parts For Sale



$900 for Toyota COPs (wired for aftermarket ECU), a dual feed -6AN stainless fuel rail, RC Engineering 440cc injectors, 5 speed with aftermarket short throw/raised fulcrum shifter (less than 50k miles), ACT 307ftlbs organic clutch, FM aluminum 9.25lb flywheel, Japanese Throwout & Pilot bearings. Less than 28k highway miles on clutch and flywheel, adult driven, no racing/track/autoX or other abuse. Flywheel accepts Fidanza replacement friction surface. Current clutch thickness .300", Flywheel friction surface thickness to attachment bolt heads .030".

Seperate: Flywheel, Clutch, throw out and pilot bearing: $400
Fuel rail: $100
Transmission: $150

Toyota COPs: $125
RC440cc Injectors: $125

$1575 for Manifold, Downpipe, Garrett GT2560R. 500 miles on the manifold/downpipe and many miles on the turbo but it's functionally sound. Development pictures of turbo kit available here.


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  Last updated: 05/19/15