Miata 1.8l, BEGI/FM Replacement
Version 2

Designed to directly replace Bell Engineering or Flyin' Miata Cast Turbo Manifolds
**NOTE: This new "Version 2" requires trimming two head-to-manifold studs to clear the primaries.**

Manifold: $630 Mild Steel, NO EGR, T2 Flanged, Mazda BP (1.8l)
$825 Stainless, V-band/EWG
EGR $100

Downpipe: $540 3" bellmouth Garrett flange, double slip/v-band in middle, open ended
$670 3" Downpipe for V-band/EWG manifold with Flex section in main & dump pipes and dump tube blended

Pricing subject to change as product is developed. Email me for specific pricing options.


  Last updated: 7/1/10