ABSURDflow started as and continues to be a part time hobby for me, Tim Fodor. I grew up as the second son of the owner of a speed shop in central NJ (Shore Motorsports). I spent most of my youth either building or tearing apart whatever mechanical toys I could get my hands on. Whether it was modifying a horizontal shaft Brigg's and mounting it onto kick scooter, or creating ridiculously quick ride-on lawnmowers to terrorize the neighbors, if it ate gas and made a loud noise I loved it.

I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from The College of New Jersey, with a 3.78GPA and the Dean's Award for Best Senior Project. I competed in the 2002 NASA/AIAA Great Moonbuggy Race and my team won Best Engineering Design, University Category. It was at TCNJ that I met my gorgeous wife Meg, another ME graduate. I highly recommend Mechanical Engineering females as long-term relationship partners. No drama.

After graduation I found a job as a mechanical designer at a local Semiconductor refurbishment company. I did what many do once they get a steady paycheck and live at home...began spending lots of money on fun toys! I turbocharged my Miata and purchased an STi when they came out in '04. I had many bad experiences with reputable garages and "tuners" as well as shoddy craftsmanship with the performance parts purchased for these two vehicles. After a failed interview with Flyin' Miata, I decided instead of moving out to Colorado I would spend my money on a Lincoln TIG welder and build my own parts. I already had a great understanding of the internal combustion cycle from my upbringing; being able to make my own parts the way I thought they should be made was a logical step. I made my first manifold and downpipe in 2004 with no previous welding or fabrication experience. It worked well on my 1.6 but, while being far from optimized, it did confirm strong welds and durability. Soon after, "Miatapaul", my roommate at the time, had enough faith in my abilities to allow me to build him a turbo setup to replace his restrictive MSM turbo setup on his '94. This became the very first centered, low mount manifold, my second manifold built ever. Paul was shocked with the results; incredible spool and over 300rwhp @14psi with the Garrett GT2560R. Paul coined the name "ABSURDflow" for his setup and that name has stuck!

I decided to upgrade to a 1.8 in 2006 and build the first iteration of my parallel twin turbo setup. I ultimately made 289rwhp @ 13psi using two GT1548's. Also in 2006 I landed a dream job as a design engineer at Jesel Valvetrain, where I still work today. This gives me access to top level talent, experience, machine tools, software, and contacts within the race community. I am fortunate enough to learn something new every day from some of the absolute authorities in the motorsport community.

I build all of the ABSURDflow manifolds, downpipes, and exhausts in my home garage in my free time. This is a hobby for me and I enjoy the personal relationship that comes with working directly with my customers. Each component I fabricate is a source of great pride for me and I will not accept anything but absolute satisfaction from my customers. I will continue to do this until it is no longer enjoyable. So get your orders in ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope to get the chance to work with you.

-"TurboTim" Fodor


  Last updated: 4/7/10