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ABSURDflow's own parallel twin-turbo 1.8l '92 Miata development vehicle. An exercise in fabrication resulting in 289rwhp@14psi.

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Welcome to ABSURDflow.com!

The new home of TurboTim's fabrication photos and information.

UPDATE 05/19/15: Added pictures of the new billet intake manifold I made for the V6. Pics here.

UPDATE 11/19/14: Finally getting around to selling parts from my '94 1.8. Pics here.

UPDATE 06/01/14: Added more KLDE V6 pictures and videos!

UPDATE 01/06/12: Added pictures of quick Exhaust Flapper I made to hopefully help quiet a slight cruising drone in the Outback.

UPDATE 10/28/11: Moved ramhorn & MSM manifolds from Current Projects to Stuff You Can Buy.

UPDATE 10/22/11: Due to circumstances completely within my control, I will no longer be accepting deposits for builds. In the mean time I will be removing the BP and associated drivetrain from my '92 and installing a KLDE V6 in it's place. A build page is located here. I may resume building manifolds again once this project is complete (est. spring of 2012) but, without a 4cyl. build jig/car, I will no longer be able to build downpipes.

UPDATE 5/21/11: Added photos of my current personal manifold, the first ABSURDflow A/C P/S highmount manifold with traditional collector. This manifold should fit all sorts of large turbos and still be able to use most of the factory A/C & P/S hardware; I run a slightly modified/bent heater core/mixing manifold pipe.

UPDATE 4/10/11: Added photos of the first ABSURDflow ramhorn manifold. This equal length manifold places the turbo in the same location as the original ABSURDflow manifold.

UPDATE 3/22/11: Current Projects section updated with screenshots and preliminary pricing for some ramhorn manifolds. None of these have been made yet so pricing will most likely change. Email me for more info! I also added a page of Misc. Photos.

UPDATE 3/1/11: Standard Low Mount Vband section updated with pics of my the most recent versions, with updated EWG blend design and resulting downpipe cost savings. Seperated out Standard Low Mount manifold into it's own section. Screenshots of ramhorn manifolds with traditional collector style coming soon (you've already seen them on miataturbo.net!)

UPDATE 9/24/10: Misc section updated with pics of my suby & a few other things.

UPDATE 4/7/10: Background section finally added. See why I'm so snobby and arrogant. It's not my fault! Please pardon any grammatical errors. Also, the new "Version 2" BEGI/FM replacement manifold added. More pics coming as it's being built.

UPDATE 3/1/10: New section Customer Testimonals added. Check out what people have to say about ABSURDflow goodness.

Please click on "stuff you can buy" above to see pricing on the more popular items (Pricing subject to change! So don't piss me off! HAHA!) I build everything to order and lead times tend to be months, especially when I do not have a vehicle to build the parts upon and the waiting list builds up. Build order depends on paid deposits.

Email me at tim@absurdflow.com with any questions.

Also, please remember to visit Shore Motorsports for all your high peformance aftermarket part needs.

  Last updated: 05/19/15